Amorino is intimate Amorino is sensory Amorino defines your personality. “This golden collection did not look like any other acquaintance. This was something totally new, with layers to create a whole world, a rich and magical world that to suddenly forget everything in the environment itself and communicated a sense of wealth, welfare, freedom.

Amorino Black

Black Diamond

Rich soft oriental perfume. Fresh, sweet, warm, and sensual. Dare to seduce. A sensual bouquet of jasmine and violet on a base of orris.”

Black Essence

This is sweeping the globe with it’s pheromonic effect. Subtly smouldering with a mesmeric appeal, you’ll be totally irresistible in the time it takes for a quick spritz of Black Essence.”

Black Rose

This is a happy perfume. Warm and embracing, soft and enticing, a bit seductive and surely smiling, a thoroughly happy perfume. It never fails to imbue a day with a smile from the first spray.”

Black OUD

A captivating marriage of the raw with the cultivated, the familiar and the far away creates a provocative feeling of deja vu.

Black NUR

This perfume is so STUNNING. It’s so unique yet not odd, and very easy to wear. A rare breed in perfumery.”

Black Secret

A fragrance of great warmth and sensuality. Without being overly sweet, without being either overly resinous, a continuous sparkle of sweetness lives all the time.”

One More Love

This is a truly seductive fragrance, classic with a very great lasting power and silage. Fresh floral fragrance with warm musky base notes.

Amorino Prive

Black Cashmere

Seductive and exotically erotic, Black Cashmere takes one to a fixed point in the realm of senses. An Oriental Musk made from the extracts of oriental Tonka Bean, Oudh and Rose, with a 25 per cent concentration, Black Cashmere is a rare category today, perfume in its purest form. Sensual in nature, exotic in flavor, Black Cashmere is rich with a deep quality that makes it interesting and attractive.

Royal Night

A sense of woody, aromatic and musky feeling. Fine blends of precious wood, musk, amber, Citrus Iris, Sicilian- Lemon, Bergamot, Green Mandarin, Black Current, Green and Black tea inspires the mystic night with the grandeur of royal aromas. The fruity energetic beginning transforms into an aromatic mist and ends with a sylvan rustic note.

Imperial Oud

Sweet- and musky scents. Sweet fruits make a fascinating start with Vanilla on middle notes. Ambry and musky ending makes the fragrance a very nice blend of masculine boldness with rich, earthy and warm heart at the core.

Arabian Rose

It is woody, ‘Oudhiy’, dark and deep and that is Arabian Rose for you. A start with the fruity citrus like Bergamot, Lemon, Peach Coconut, makes a fresh beginning and the floral, woody middle note is enriched with Oudh and the ending is sweet with Agarwood, Cashmere and Amber. It is a rendezvous with enriching fruits as platter, jasmine, Oudh as flavor of the atmosphere with a sweet, wild ending.

Private Musk

The Fruity-Sweet Private Musk is a lively blend of blackberry mixed with Vanilla and White Rose. Sweet Blackberry is he, symbol of health and longevity while White Rose is she, soft, beautiful and pure. Vanilla with its sweet aroma unites both. It starts with fruity freshness and ends with a sweet base note lingering hours.

Noir Diamond

With its Citrus and Floral, aroma is flirty, confident and comfortable for skin. Smooth and silky, the base note is soft and sensuous as flowers. No6, a blend of Mandarin and Ginger Lily is an energetic, vivacious mix of tang and light floral notes for a woman who knows herself.

Amorino Gold

I’m Yours

The fragrance opens with citrus-fruity notes of cassis, bergamot, apple and pineapple. The heart blends spices and woods. The dry down unveils a blend of warm notes, like vanilla amber and musk with dryer ones like oak moss.

Never Forget

“This fragrance wafts like a breeze through the dunes of the desert. It seduces with classic incense notes topping a heart of mysterious Oud and the sweetness and depth of amber. The lingering base notes leave a final memory of the sweet seduction.

Golden Tears

“This trend-setter fragrance is a harmonious blend of dark agarwood, balsamic notes of honey, precious violet, creamy sandalwood and black amber. Powerful, unique and slightly provocative.

Feel Me

The fragrance is made with the most precious natural ingredients, a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance with a twist of citrus. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of a vanilla blend; for an incredible scent with depth and complexity.

Touch Me

The fragrance is like a tender whisper, subtle weightless but with a noticeable presence. A bottle filled with gentle caresses and love, like a soft white chiffon fabric floating in the air. The woody-musky ornamentation renders the effect to be more sophisticated and refined. Its sensual, yet innocent radiance serves as a perfect prelude to the woody dry down.

More Than Love

This is a truly seductive fragrance, classic with a very great lasting power and sillage. Fresh floral fragrance with warm musky base notes.

Amorino Limited Edition



Spirit of Love

Primer Rose

Star of Africa